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Iron Curtain Poles: cannonball finial Rams Horn Finial in Wrought iron
Curtain poles with
Cannon Ball Finials
Wrought Iron curtain poles - cannonball finials Curtain poles with Rams Horn finials Rams Horn Finials
Honey Dipper Curtain Pole Finial black iron curtain pole with thumper finial
Curtain poles with Honey Dipper finials curtain rails honey dipper finials Curtain poles with Thumper Finials curtain rails thumper finials
Button curtain rail finial, black finish Ball & Twisted Cage finials
Curtain poles with Button Finials curtain poles Button finials Curtain poles with Ball & Twisted Cage finials Ball and twisted cage finials
recess curtain poles curtain holdbacks
Recess curtain poles for recess windows recess curtain poles for recessed windows Curtain holdbacks to match any finial in our range curtain holdbacks
curtain pole accessories Iron curtain poles for bay windows
Curtain poles accessories: brackets and rings curtain poles - cannonball finials Custom made to measure curtain poles for Bay Windows made to measure curtain poles for bay windows
Measuring for your wrought iron curtain poles Finial and bracket dimensions
How to measure up for your curtain pole Video: how to measure for your iron curtain poles All curtain pole dimensions (pdf) iron curtain pole accessory dimensions

Our Wrought Iron Curtain Poles are hand made from solid 20mm iron bar.
Price 21p per cm.

Solid wrought iron bar is strong, traditional and has an individual character that you simply can’t get from a hollow tube design of iron curtain pole. We are real blacksmiths and still spend time making and fitting horseshoes as part of our business. Our traditional skills and forging techniques have helped us to craft this range of hand made curtain poles to help make your home look truly individual.

Our hand forged poles and finials come in two finishes: matt black and natural beeswax. There is a choice of six finial types:

Matching tie backs and ceiling brackets, if required, are available. We have also created a recess curtain pole and bracket designed specifically for window recesses where end brackets are required.

Need additional brackets, curtain rings or hold-backs?

We believe in products that will last a lifetime and we make all of our curtain poles to do so. Handmade in the UK!

Please click here to order your custom curtain poles.

Please contact us so we can help.

Wrought Iron Curtain Poles and kitchen racks

Made by the Forge is a small family run business, handcrafting solid wrought iron curtain poles, kitchen pan racks and lighting. Our passion for quality is our inspiration to produce useful products that will last a lifetime. You can even see the individual hammer marks made by our blacksmith making every item unique.

Made by the forge, made to last.


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