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Juliet Fishenden
Thumper on slate

It is that time of year when the weather starts changing when it is time to think of cosy nights by the fire. This always gets one thinking about losing the drafts from windows and doors. We have begun pulling our wool curtains that are fully lined to keep in the warmth from our extremely old, somewhat drafty, wattle and daub walls! We are also thinking about changing our finials. As all of our finials are interchangeable it is not a difficult task. Just one that may take many hours to agree!

Recently Ngila Boyd an interior design and decoration expert has featured a Thumper Finial Curtain Pole on her website gallery from a stunning Country house project she masterminded. Ngila has been in this business for over 30 years and has always been proud to support artisans and craftspeople right from the start.

Country House Ngila Boyd


Our work is greatly inspired by nature and we plant a tree for every product that we sell. One year Richard was using a tool – he calls it the Thumper – to thump the roots in firmly. As he did so he suddenly realised that it would make a perfectly shaped finial. It was a particularly cold March afternoon, so he was more that happy to light the forge and produce a curtain pole version. Full story here.

Thumper and Thumper


The Thumper finial also works fabulously behind a cooking range as shown here.

Thumper pan rack


To see all the images for the Thumper finial click here.



Juliet Fishenden
CE Highview lamp shades

Here at Made by the Forge we are gearing up for exhibiting our new lighting collection at London design junction which starts on the 18th September. We have had many decisions to make and one of them has been regarding lamp shades. The photos are of shades that Chris Eckersley has designed specifically for his Highview lamps. We are not taking the wrapping paper off until the show!



Chris Eckersely has designed a stunning upright standard lamp and a curved reading light both which have lamp shades over the bulb. It was decided, after much discussion, to keep the lamp shades in a neutral colour so not to detract from the beauty of the solid iron structure he has developed. However, the beauty of covered lamp shades is that the shade can be custom made with any material, of any colour to suit anyones individual, personal style. Joanna Wallis who hand makes bespoke lamp shades offers the most beautiful options which are very dramatic depending upon your own decor.

Juliet Fishenden
Here are a couple of style tips for today – if you have small windows you can make them look larger by having your curtain pole extend generously either side of the window and hang curtains to the floor. The trend is that curtains should  ‘pool’ on the floor depending on the fabric. This makes more of a statement of the window rather than hiding it with small curtains.
Another trick is to pick up the colour from the surrounding wall to give the illusion of continuous space.
One of the interior designers we have worked with, Jane McIntyre ( has some wonderful linens which are made by a Scottish company and treated so that they hang beautifully, great inspiration for making a feature of your windows this summer.
Style tips
Richard Fishenden
Hessian Notice board - 1956!

We have 2 unique printed notice boards left. An opportunity for someone who has an affinity with this particular year.

1956 printed notice board

1956 printed notice board

Juliet Fishenden
honey finial_13990

The inspiration for the honey dipper…

Honey spoon in honey

Richard Fishenden
Iron pan rack with thumper finials

This pan rack features in The Fabulous Baker Brothers kitchen on their TV show Channel 4. We have been busy at the Forge clearing and  organising all areas of our business from filing paperwork to refreshing our kitchen space. We have decided to breathe some new life into our kitchen by adding another pan rack giving us a clearer work top.

Richard Fishenden

Tapestry hung on iron curtain poleWith the new trend for multicoloured tapestry mentioned in this month’s Homes &  Gardens magazine have you considered hanging a tapestry from one of our wrought iron poles? The black iron compliments the colourful graphic patterns that are so popular at the moment and we can make bespoke lengths or brackets to your requirements.

Richard Fishenden
We saw this great advice on making a small window look its best – simple but it works! Same size of window but look how much grander the one on the right seems!
curtain do's and donts
Richard Fishenden

Our products are made to last a life time. One of our clients who has an old barn has a huge 5 metre window opening. In their case one of the middle brackets needed to be a lot longer than the standard bracket. We at Made by the Forge were able to make this special bespoke bracket for this particular space.

bespoke bracket

Another client has recently relocated. They took their curtain poles with them to their new house. Made by the Forge is in the process of customising their existing curtain poles for their new windows. It feels good not to throw products away just because they are not quite right. Here we can make them a perfect fit for any space and our client says they look as good as the day she bought them.

Richard Fishenden