Made by the Forge – Sustainability Underpins Everything We Do

At Made by the Forge we believe in putting back what we take out. The art of crafting iron means working with the elements of fire, air and water and we feel truly at one with nature and have a huge respect for it. Our love of the environment has led us to pledge to plant a tree for each order we take. We collaborate with the Suffolk Wildlife Trust every year and have planted thousands of trees with them to date.

“Some of the trees donated through your support being planted at Carlton Marshes on Friday. Volunteers are from a local company called Starfrost.” Michael Strand SWT, November 2019

Our tree planting pledge is a serious commitment to offset the carbon generated by the manufacture of our products. It is an unfortunate fact that any modern human production process or industry creates carbon. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen.

Everyone as individuals can do their bit for the planet. As campaigner and primate researcher Jane Goodall is always underlining, you may not think it’s a big help to switch off that light but if a billion of us do it… The latest item in the battle against single use disposable plastic is the ecobrick.

At the forge we encourage each member of our team to find one plastic bottle (sizes vary from 500ml to 2 litres) and stuff it full of dry, clean plastic over time using a blunt stick or the end of a spoon. As soon as you cannot jam any more plastic in, pop the top on and voilà, an ecobrick. To check it’s full, you should be able to stand on it without its shape changing. They are then sent out to places where they can be used for creative and practical projects like making modular furniture and even buildings. There will be an ecobrick collection point near you. Add brick-making to your list of talents!


Juliet Fishenden

Here, you’ll find a news feed straight from the forge posted by myself, Juliet, Richard’s wife and business partner. Here you will find updated product information as well as personal observations about Richard’s craft.

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