The secret to French interior design

Juliet Fishenden

There is something so very special about seeing the interior of a French home. These spaces are casually elegant while embracing any natural or period features. The look is incredibly sophisticated while appearing effortless at the same time. It is beautiful and practical. On first impressions, it may seem an impossible task to recreate this look in our own home, but the good news is that by simply following a few rules, you too can recreate this fabulous French interior that you love. Below we explore the secret to French interior design.

Keep it simple

Many homeowners think that French interior design is all about bold and elaborate designs, but the truth is far simpler and more subtle. The basic rule is to keep things as simple as possible. Collect items of furniture that you love and mean something to you. Mix old features with new accessories and make the space work for you and your family. That is what is at the heart of French living.

Make use of original features

The heart of French interior design lies in its rich history and the use of any original period features or architecture. So, if you have an original ornate fireplace, wall sconces or antique tiles, use them in your interior design. These features give the room that authentic and effortlessly lived-in look that is central to French design.

Pay attention to windows and doors

Window dressing is central to French interior design. Curtains adorn every window and door, helping to create that feeling of comfort and safety. French-style curtain poles can help to enhance this look with the use of elaborate wrought iron that gives the room that rustic, yet modern touch. You can also use door curtain poles, such as portiere rods to hang heavy curtains above any door. This type of French curtain pole is elaborate and will help to create a stunning feature of your chosen door.

Make old things look new

You don’t need to buy expensive new pieces of furniture or accessories to achieve the French look. The secret here is to buy second-hand furniture, or use what you have, and then update them. Recover those old dining chairs in new fabric or give them a neutral colour stain. Trawl antique shops for accessories such as cups and saucers, cushions and throws, then mix and match what you have.

Don’t be afraid to add colour

It is a common misconception that when embracing French interior design that you must stick to a neutral colour scheme. This is simply not true. If you love colour, then don’t be afraid to use it. Incorporate a brightly coloured sofa into an otherwise neutral room. Paint one wall an accent colour or add coloured tiles to your kitchen floor. If you prefer the overall look to be in neutral shades, then add a pop of colour in your choice of accessories.

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Juliet Fishenden
Juliet Fishenden

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