The bay window iron curtain pole
Made to order

  • Standard brackets £10 each
    Centre bracket £12 each
    Ceiling support £12 each
    Curtain rings £1 each
    Plus delivery

Made by the Forge make stunning bay window curtain poles. Its simple to measure and order by simply following our diagram. All bay poles are made from our 20mm solid bar with beautiful handcrafted finials from our range.

Matching brackets and hand forged curtain rings complete the look.

Made by the Forge believe in affordable quality and simple elegant designs. We believe in products that will last a lifetime and we make all of our wrought iron products to do so.

You can now order most common types of bay window poles online here.

If there is a reason none of the diagrams on the above page resembles your bay window and you’re unable to generate a quote, send us an email with pictures for us to work out the price for you.



Please contact us for expert help.

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