The Entertainer Fire Pit

The Entertainer – cool, hot, strong and attractive in the extremes.

The centrepiece of any garden or patio is The Entertainer, a very special, hand forged fire pit from Made by the Forge.

There’s nothing more alluring than an outdoor fire. It becomes the focal point of any gathering and The Entertainer isn’t just good looking with its massive jet-black bowl. It also boasts a redesigned grill, laser-cut locally for precision and attractiveness. To the outer ring we’ve added handcrafted hooks and handles which enable you to effortlessly lift the grill off giving you the full heat of the fire pit to enjoy as the sun goes down.

This striking piece of ironwork can heat outdoor spaces at any time of the year as well as serve as the perfect barbecue for those long, summer nights. On the food it cooks, it literally makes an impression.

It sits on a choice of high or low stands, each as strong and sturdy as iron can be. The Entertainer High boasts a massive 75cm bowl and its stand measures 45cm high and 50cm across.

The Entertainer is finished in black, heat-proof paint.

The Entertainer High with grill £550
The Entertainer High with no grill £430
(The Grill can be purchased separately at £120)

Impress your friends. Cook for the troops!

The Entertainer Low has the same huge 75cm bowl with a stand measuring 20cm high and 50cm across.

The Entertainer Low with grill £470
The Entertainer Low with no grill £350
(The Grill can be purchased separately at £120)

Load it with logs. Heat the masses!


The Entertainer:
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Taking Care of Your Grill

The Made by the Forge metal grill is seriously robust and will last you a long time if taken care of. Over the course of the first couple of uses you will find that the grill mesh will warp slightly - similar to a wok in your kitchen. This is perfectly normal. Once it has gone to where it wants to go, it will not warp any further. You can, if you wish at this point, softly tap the grill flat again using a flat piece of wood and a hammer to gently even out the wave effect caused by the tremendous heat our fire pits emanate. The negligible amount of warping will not cause any defect in the product or affect your cooking experience.

It is wise to cover the fire pit or position it in a dry, covered area when not in use. Once suitably cool, removing the ashes is advisable as they are very acidic and over time can be destructive to metal. A regular light rub over with vegetable oil will preserve the look and life of your fire pit.

All Made by the Forge products have a lifetime guarantee on defectiveness. However, this does not cover the product for wear and tear, or to damage due to poor maintenance or misuse. Made by the Forge products are not dishwasher-safe and Made by the Forge products should not be exposed to excess moisture.

Please contact us so we can help.

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