Farrier’s Cage design inspiration

Anthony Dickens designer of out cage light collection

“Re-imagining an everyday cage light by using design details unique to the forging process.”

Anthony Dickens

Where it all started... The new Lighting Collection ‘Forged Originals’ started as an idea of how could we utilise the iron material and our blacksmithing craft skills to make an innovative lighting range. It was important that the end product would be made as a high quality product that was made to last. Having been introduced to product designer Anthony Dickens he was keen to see the material being worked in The Forge.

Anthony and Richard in the Forge working on the teardrop cage light design

Over the following six months sketches and concepts flowed, prototypes were made, adjusted and tested, all resulting in the exciting new products launched at designjunction, part of The London Design Festival.

the design for the wrought iron teardrop cage light on CAD

Anthony Dickens in the forge making a part for the globe cage light

Raw Materials Anvil and working hands

Fellow designers Chris Eckersley, Gareth Neal and William Warren joined the project for two collaboration weekends in Suffolk, with an open brief to explore the material at the forge, their collections are soon to launch so check back to our website regularly.


After a hard days work in the forge its off to the pub with some help from Murphy!

Iron cage lights: Long cage, globe and teardrop cage light

The final Farrier’s Cage Collection.

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