Food for Free – Blackberries

Juliet Fishenden

Foraging in the hedgerow is a deeply satisfying pursuit. One that takes us out of doors and makes us marvel at what nature provides us and the birds. Yesterday, 23rd September, was officially the first day of autumn and this time of year brings us many foods for free.


Blackberries are everywhere in the hedgerows right now. They are fabulous eaten straight from the hedge, wind in hair, sun on face! We are snacking on blackberries, adding them to smoothies and using them to make delicious, homemade, blackberry and apple crumble. There are so many available it is also the time to look for recipes for jam and jelly. We will be using this one below and no doubt putting it on the table on Christmas Day!

Hedgerow jelly

Juliet Fishenden
Juliet Fishenden

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