Interior Designer Jane McIntyre on Interior Design Part 4

In this last part of our Q & A with interior designer Jane McIntyre, Jane talks about working with those whose homes and spaces she strives to improve and enhance.

Is there such a thing as a no-go colour scheme?

“Yes, Magnolia!”

Is the perfect client someone who offers a few keywords and then allows your imagination soar?

“Obviously, but they are very rare. I have twice been handed the keys and a budget and told to get on with it, actually very daunting but luckily I already knew the people so I had a good starting point.”

How much of an issue in your line of work are clients who change their minds?

“What do you mean, they all do! It’s part of the process, narrowing down the choices, changing the direction, designing is very organic, there are many “light bulb” moments and often brainstorming with the client can allow their ideas to be far better than my suggested ones, but together we generally find the answer.”

Are budgets agreed beforehand and are you rigorous at staying within the budget?

“No, not really. Budgets are hard as clients need to be honest with how much they expect to spend. There’s no point me spending hours researching products if we’re not on the same wavelength. I generally suggest a few levels; are they Ikea or Designers Guild, Budgens or Waitrose, etc. then I pitch accordingly, bring in the right tradesmen and try to work around their idea of a budget. I don’t start until we are all happy with the spend and then I keep an absolute eye on it.”

Who would be your dream client?

“Someone who isn’t afraid to express themselves, who is interested in the end project for themselves and not just because they feel it will alter how they are perceived by others. They don’t need to be wealthy, just interesting.”

Thanks to Jane McIntyre for taking the time for us to understand her role in our business just that bit better.

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