Open top Driving

Open top driving!

Juliet Fishenden

Made by the Forge enjoyed the recent Bank holiday by taking the opportunity to drive out in the sun and fresh air. It was no different from packing up a car to go out; everyone needed hats, body protectors instead of car seats, driving gloves, the sunglasses were optional.

Sam ready to go.

Murphy, our horse power for the drive, happily pulled us round the delightful lanes and tracks here in Suffolk. Everything was so green and stunningly beautiful lit up by the sun. It was a reminder that not that long ago this was how people travelled if they wanted to get anywhere faster than their own 2 legs.


My friend Simon Barnes who writes and marvels about our wonderfully, wild countryside  says that ‘the wind between a horses ears is the best in the world’! I agree completely and also think that the view between a horses ears is the best view in the world.

The best wind in the world.


Juliet Fishenden
Juliet Fishenden

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