Something for nothing.

Richard Fishenden

It seems that spring is well and truly here does it not? I love this time of the year. The trees I have planted as part of our eco pledge are showing signs of life which is great. One of my favorite trees that we plant each year is Hawthorn or sometimes known as Quickthorn.

Did you know that the Hawthorn leaf is edible? Yes really. It has got a lovely nutty flavor and can be added to salads, enjoyed on its own or made in to tea. Now is the best time of year to eat them. They a young and tender in the Spring but still good all year round. The berry’s on the Hawthorn are also edible and are very good for your heart. They have a slightly apple like taste.

The 2 together were known years ago as ‘Bread and Cheese’. This is because the leaf (the bread) was very widely available all year round and formed a staple diet for children. The Haws (the cheese) were named so because of their round red shape like a waxed coated cheese.

So if you have a Hawthorn in your garden and fancy something different in your salad or sandwich then why not try some of this free food?

Richard Fishenden
Richard Fishenden

Farriery was my first love. Horse shoeing is a wonderful skill and something that I still do every week. It also gave me the skills that I needed to serve my new clients at Made by the Forge. I believe in a good old fashioned service where the customer is the number 1 asset.

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