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Here, you’ll find a news feed straight from the forge posted by myself, Juliet, Richard’s wife and business partner. Here you will find updated product information as well as personal observations about Richard’s craft.

Our personal and business ethos is self-sufficiency, caring for our planet and one of the ways we give back is to plant trees. What makes the company unique is its pledge to plant a tree for every order received. We make sure that what the company takes from the Suffolk environment, it puts back into the Suffolk environment.

Donated Trees Planted at Carlton Marshes

Just before the lockdown, we were extremely fortunate to check in with Suffolk Wildlife Trust, specifically Carlton Marshes, their flagship nature reserve situated on the south west edge of Lowestoft.

How many trees planted?

What we didn’t know until we arrived was just how many trees you, our customers, have enabled the trust to plant. Michael Strand, Community Fundraising Manager, said that “…as part of the restoration work to create a 1000 acre wild destination area, the Trust is providing new access  opportunities for visitors in and around the new visitor centre. This includes landscaping a corridor of native trees and shrubs to help safely guide people towards the centre who enter the reserve by foot and to act as a scrubby wildlife corridor along the fringes of the wild play area and car park.”

Tree Species Planted

Species planted in the fields of Carlton Piece and Burnt Hill by volunteer teams from Essex & Suffolk Water and Suffolk County Council late last year include hawthorn, blackthorn, dog rose, spindle, hazel and guelder-rose. Thanks to Made by the Forge’s customers, Suffolk Wildlife Trust has planted approximately 1800 trees at Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve. 1800! Pat yourselves on the back, everybody.


Now more than ever we will be considering the insides of our homes. We are all in them more and a lot of us will use this time to make simple improvements and get the paint pot out!

I first met interior designer Jane McIntyre online, as one often does. She came to my attention because Richard had been making some bespoke iron curtain poles for one of her clients. I took a look at her website and was immediately smitten. I loved her style and began following her interesting, colourful, quirky homeware objects that were appearing on her blog and instagram feed. The thing that was most apparent to me was her love of colour and her ability to use it to create luxurious spaces. Jane says herself:

“I hope to encourage my clients to be braver with colour, pattern and texture. I never push my ideas but I do so love it when clients thank me for steering them away from their comfort zone to a more exciting place.”

So, inspired by Jane I thought I would introduce a bit of colour to our own walls. Easier said than done! I found it impossible to make a decision, there are so many colours and variations of shades available that it made me scuttle back to the safety of an off white neutral. Knowing that Jane offers advice remotely I decided to call her and I’ve never looked back.

Newly decorated bedroom painted in Lagoon Water.

Finding the right paint for our old cottage walls was essential so on Jane’s suggestion I used the wonderful Pure and Original Paint from Holland, whose chalky depths – the result of much more pigment than a standard emulsion – sit particularly well with our beams and oak doors.

Images from

Fabulous to use, even though it prefers to be brushed and not rolled, this paint outshines any other that I have used and, surprisingly for a chalk paint, it is even washable once it has cured for two weeks. (Rather essential with two muddy boys!) The colours are remarkable, sultry, moody and gentle, all rolled into one. I took one very adventurous step (guided by Jane all the way) and painted the walls and ceilings the same colour in the children’s rooms – I was unsure at first but now we all love
 the way the room envelops you in a comforting feeling.

So far we have only finalised two rooms, but have started planning another three and I can’t wait to get started! Watch this space!

To contact Jane go to or call 02380 812239.  Jane can offer her services via FaceTime also.

There has been no period of time in human civilisation equivalent to this present moment. Right now, we understand that our actions as consumers have reached a tipping point and if we do not check our continued and unthinking usage of materials such as plastic, we will be responsible for vastly negative and irreversible effects on the planet. Responsible and discerning people know this and are slowly changing their attitudes towards the products they buy. here we ask the question – Is iron eco-friendly?

There is one material in everyday use that due to its longevity and strength is not actually consumed. It is used and can be re-used, re-purposed, re-made and recycled over and over again. An investment in this material is never wasted. It can be built upon by successive generations. At Made by the Forge we call this material ‘iron’.  In other areas of manufacture it goes by the name ‘steel’ and as a metal in the construction industry it is one of the most recyclable and reusable metals in the world.

Is iron eco friendly - recycling and reusing

Steel’s inherent strength does not wear out from overuse. It does not creep (become deformed due to physical stresses) or buckle. If you have products from Made by the Forge and you move house, your ironwork can move with you. If you choose to recycle it, it will be reformed into something else, never losing its practical use in other areas. In short, environmentally, you can’t go wrong buying an iron/steel product. At, you’ll find nothing but…

Sheer curtains are making a comeback. They’ve found their new groove within Scandi or industrial interior designs mostly but whatever your style, sheers are available in a range of textures, fabrics and mounting styles, making them endlessly versatile and adaptable to suit almost any home and style.

Lightweight and transparent, sheers are made from a variety of fabrics, including polyester, cotton georgette and organza. They’re also available in different header styles, including grommet, back-tab and rod pocket, they’re easily adaptable to suit your home.

Hanging a sheer curtain between your solid/opaque drapes and your window is a great way to let some sunlight into your space without sacrificing any privacy. Function aside, the combination of sheers with heavier drapes looks great and has some real potential for creativity in your interior design.

The best way to hang sheer curtains with heavier drapes is to hang two separate curtain rods. Use one of our made to measure curtain poles as the primary, room facing curtain rod as it will be the most visible and will be supporting the weight of the drapes. The curtain rod supporting the sheer curtains will be closest to the wall and will be covered by the drapes and curtain pole in the front.

When you are installing both poles, make sure to keep in mind the amount of space you leave as you don’t want the two different sets of curtains to interfere with each other.

The most common  way to arrange a sheer curtain with a solid curtain is to let the sheer curtain hang loosely in soft folds while the solid curtain is swept to either side. The sheer curtains are typically left to fall straight while the solid curtains are held back on either side using curtain holdbacks or a tie.

Sheer curtains were made to be paired with the elegant French style curtain pole. Curving ninety degrees into the wall, the sheer curtains will add some much-needed protection if your windows are susceptible to cool draughts.

Timeless and classy, draping sheers over French doors with a French curtain pole also adds a light and airy feel to any room, brightening it up with some chic on a sunny day. Pair with some heavy velvet drapes for intimate evenings while still keeping your look contemporary.

Bay windows are also a great place to hang sheer curtains, as bay windows tend to be larger than most other windows and control a lot of the light that comes into a room. Ideal for a window seat in the front of your home, sheer curtains can add a Nordic feel to your room. Perfect for a sunny day when you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with the warmth from the sun, they’ll filter the light to reduce glare.

For evening privacy, try a mid-length cotton drape in warming olive tones, they’ll complement a warm white drape and amp up the cosy factor whilst staying on-trend.

No matter the size of your kitchen, more and more people are looking for more working space on their kitchen countertops. However, it can be difficult to boost space without having to sacrifice some of your favourite items, and spaces can often end up looking too clean and unlived-in. Here are a few tips to increase your kitchen storage space, without cluttering your countertops.

Boost your storage with a pan rail

Rails offer a practical and aesthetically pleasing path for turning empty wall space into a handy storage option. A mounted pan rail is a fantastic kitchen addition as it allows you to have the pans and accessories you use most often within arms reach but never in the way. No more digging around in cupboards filled with pans and lids! Plus, the cupboard or surface space that was once home to the pans can now be used to store other items. A kitchen rail also adds a decorative element to a space, allowing you to hang those pans that didn’t come cheap in pride of place. In fact, pan rails have become a popular look for kitchens due to their ability to keep surfaces neat without a kitchen looking empty and unlived-in. Our kitchen rails are available in a great range of styles and sizes to suit your kitchen décor and design, and the hooks make it easier than ever to reach for your favourite implements when cooking.

‘Just wanted to say a big thanks for the wonderful rail for our client . It was installed today and looks superb.’ Tanya, Sola Kitchens (image below)

Get creative with your cupboard space

Kitchens are full of cupboards fit for the purpose of storage, but have you ever considered how you could maximise the storage within them? More and more people are getting creative with how they use their kitchen cupboards, creating interiors that optimise their organisation and allow them to fit more inside – eliminating much of the clutter that can gather on kitchen counters. 

Due to their awkward size and shape, pan lids are one of the key culprits for wasting valuable cupboard space. Try mounting a pan lid organiser onto the inside of a cupboard door, or in the interior. This enables you to easily mount pan lids in a way that you can clearly see them and grab them when necessary. 

Deep drawers offer another opportunity to optimise storage. Try using dividers to fit the drawers, creating cubby holes that allow you to categorise different items into easily accessible sections. Making these small adjustments inside your cupboards can cause a ripple effect that leaves your entire kitchen looking neater and more organised.

Maximise storage space with shelving

Consider one of our bespoke shelves with iron brackets for an entirely new, bonus surface to organise your kitchen clutter. They are especially great for storing all of the everyday items, such as tins, jars, bottles and cookbooks that you would usually reach for on your work surfaces. Whether you install a shelf directly above a countertop or above the cooker, everything will be within reach but your counter will look clean with extra space for food preparation. If you like having spices where you can see them while you cook, try adding a spice rack to your new shelf. 

Organisation can completely transform your kitchen from a tight and stressful grind into a wondrous space where inspiration can strike at any moment. 

  Oast houses are buildings which were designed for drying hops out as part of the brewing process when crafting beer. Historically these Oast houses were found in Kent and Sussex where the hops were predominantly grown. The making of beer has since evolved so you don’t need a hop kiln anymore so many of these interesting buildings are being converted into houses. These fabulous buildings make for very interesting living spaces.
One aspect of these buildings that is slightly tricky is the curvature of the wall so we have recently been asked to help out with the difficulty of completely curved walls by The House Company in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  Interior designer Tracy Newson knew the only realistic way forward was made to measure, bespoke, handcrafted curtain rails
and for those you come to the specialists at Made by the Forge.
“Customer was delighted and so was I.”
We were thrilled to be able to help with the solution which was completely curved, hand forged curtain poles to fit the curves from finial to finial. The finished look was effortlessly stylish and the beautiful handmade curtains set the iron poles off and the windows perfectly.
If you have an Oast House and you need some help for your curved walls, click on the link and then click on the Curved Bay diagram for all the information to price up bespoke made to measure curved curtain poles.
Video Guides: 

There is something so very special about seeing the interior of a French home. These spaces are casually elegant while embracing any natural or period features. The look is incredibly sophisticated while appearing effortless at the same time. It is beautiful and practical. On first impressions, it may seem an impossible task to recreate this look in our own home, but the good news is that by simply following a few rules, you too can recreate this fabulous French interior that you love. Below we explore the secret to French interior design.

Keep it simple

Many homeowners think that French interior design is all about bold and elaborate designs, but the truth is far simpler and more subtle. The basic rule is to keep things as simple as possible. Collect items of furniture that you love and mean something to you. Mix old features with new accessories and make the space work for you and your family. That is what is at the heart of French living.

Make use of original features

The heart of French interior design lies in its rich history and the use of any original period features or architecture. So, if you have an original ornate fireplace, wall sconces or antique tiles, use them in your interior design. These features give the room that authentic and effortlessly lived-in look that is central to French design.

Pay attention to windows and doors

Window dressing is central to French interior design. Curtains adorn every window and door, helping to create that feeling of comfort and safety. French-style curtain poles can help to enhance this look with the use of elaborate wrought iron that gives the room that rustic, yet modern touch. You can also use door curtain poles, such as portiere rods to hang heavy curtains above any door. This type of French curtain pole is elaborate and will help to create a stunning feature of your chosen door.

Make old things look new

You don’t need to buy expensive new pieces of furniture or accessories to achieve the French look. The secret here is to buy second-hand furniture, or use what you have, and then update them. Recover those old dining chairs in new fabric or give them a neutral colour stain. Trawl antique shops for accessories such as cups and saucers, cushions and throws, then mix and match what you have.

Don’t be afraid to add colour

It is a common misconception that when embracing French interior design that you must stick to a neutral colour scheme. This is simply not true. If you love colour, then don’t be afraid to use it. Incorporate a brightly coloured sofa into an otherwise neutral room. Paint one wall an accent colour or add coloured tiles to your kitchen floor. If you prefer the overall look to be in neutral shades, then add a pop of colour in your choice of accessories.

If you are wanting to embrace French interior design in your own home, then we can help as we sell a wide range of French-style curtain poles and door curtain poles, including portiere rods. To learn more, please do browse our website today.

At Made by the Forge we believe in putting back what we take out. The art of crafting iron means working with the elements of fire, air and water and we feel truly at one with nature and have a huge respect for it. Our love of the environment has led us to pledge to plant a tree for each order we take. We collaborate with the Suffolk Wildlife Trust every year and have planted thousands of trees with them to date.

“Some of the trees donated through your support being planted at Carlton Marshes on Friday. Volunteers are from a local company called Starfrost.” Michael Strand SWT, November 2019

Our tree planting pledge is a serious commitment to offset the carbon generated by the manufacture of our products. It is an unfortunate fact that any modern human production process or industry creates carbon. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and generate oxygen.

Everyone as individuals can do their bit for the planet. As campaigner and primate researcher Jane Goodall is always underlining, you may not think it’s a big help to switch off that light but if a billion of us do it… The latest item in the battle against single use disposable plastic is the ecobrick.

At the forge we encourage each member of our team to find one plastic bottle (sizes vary from 500ml to 2 litres) and stuff it full of dry, clean plastic over time using a blunt stick or the end of a spoon. As soon as you cannot jam any more plastic in, pop the top on and voilà, an ecobrick. To check it’s full, you should be able to stand on it without its shape changing. They are then sent out to places where they can be used for creative and practical projects like making modular furniture and even buildings. There will be an ecobrick collection point near you. Add brick-making to your list of talents!


We are soon to be putting up our stand again for the one and only October Interiors Show on Monday 14th October 2019. We hope to see lots of our current trade customers and hopefully meet lots of new faces. We will be launching a brand new selection of 16mm poles and finials on our stand plus our range of 20mm and 25mm wrought iron finials, poles and accessories. Online shopping is so easy but the act of actually seeing for oneself, touching and feeling something is all part of the deciding experience. So if you are thinking of coming along to the show please do come and see us.  We love a chat about a good project!
The show is hosted by The Curtain And Blind Makers Friendly Forum (CABMFF) and is a Trade-only, soft furnishings, workroom and interior design trade show. Registration link below:

The show provides an opportunity to see the latest collections and products. It’s the biggest and best south west show that draws attendees from all over the UK. There really is something for everyone, from emerging designers and smaller companies right through to international fabric and wallpaper companies.

Refreshments available at the racecourse’s in-house cafe. There’s ample free parking.

Exhibitor list is currently updated daily and is available on the registration link page.


Cheltenham Racecourse

Evesham Road


GL50 4SH

View Map

Looking forward to seeing you there.


The great and revered Henry Ford of the early US motor car industry famously said “Any customer can have a car painted in any colour he wants, as long as it’s black.” When it comes to curtain poles, you can’t go wrong with a natural beeswax or matt black finish. At Made by the Forge, it’s our signature ironwork colour.

However, we’ve had many requests to provide a choice of different colours to suit complimentary interiors.

To that end, we have launched three different colour options, available by special request, for our best selling Grand Cannonball finial and matching 25mm curtain pole; gold, copper and antique bronze. If your window space tends towards the colour scheme of triumph and flamboyance, then go for gold. Gold finial… there’s a song in there somewhere. Copper suits the darker end of the spectrum while antique bronze gives the pole and finial a connection with metalwork from a bygone age. All three colours are subtle, attractive and contemporary while retaining a classic distinctiveness.

Colour choices for interiors are hugely subjective. There is no right or wrong in terms of colour preference despite your own personal tastes (which, we are sure, are discerning and well considered). The three shades were specifically designed to compliment the most prevalent interior colour schemes. We hope that the range has a colour to suit your own living space. If not, remember that matt black – which goes with anything – remains an option. To paraphrase the great Mr. Ford, “You can have a 25mm curtain pole and Grand Cannonball finial in any colour you want as long as it’s black, gold, copper or antique bronze.” Contact us now.