Complimentary Lucky Horse Shoes

Juliet Fishenden

Hanging a horse shoe over your door is said to bring you luck. The proper way to hang them is with the heals facing up to ‘hold in’ the luck. The only place for them to hang with the points down is at the entrance to a blacksmiths shop. The legend goes that Dunstan a famous Minister and Blacksmith ‘nailed a horse shoe to the Devil’s hoof when he was asked to shoe the Devil’s horse. This caused the Devil great pain and Dunstan only agreed to remove the shoe and release the Devil after he promised never to enter a place where a horse shoe is over the door. This is claimed as the origin of the lucky horse shoe.’ St Dunstans Episcopal Church.


Richard has horse shoes which have been worn by a horse or pony which he is happy to give away to anyone who would like one to place over their door or just have one for luck. If you have an order being made he can add a shoe into your parcel. Alternatively if you would just like one but have not ordered anything then we would be happy to send a shoe but would appreciate the postage paid. Call Richard on either 07787 542860 or email me at

James pulling shoe off

It is fascinating to watch a farrier at work shoeing a horse and little people are very keen to help if they are allowed!

700x400hooves in sand

Juliet Fishenden
Juliet Fishenden

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