Going green in the mornings

Richard Fishenden

How green are you? My wife began incorporating green smoothies into her daily life a month before Christmas. The look of them just puts me off but she has convinced me that they have such health boosting properties and regeneration results that I felt I wanted to have a taste finally!

I was absolutely amazed at how good it tasted. She has been researching and experimenting with various fruits and vegetables and superfoods then wizzing them all up in a blender. Today I drank a good half litre and felt energised and ready for action, that is until about 11am when I felt very hungry. But it is a good thing to eat when one feels hungry rather than when one feels like it.

It is exciting to know that I can use up all the glut of lettuce and parsley in our morning smoothies this summer. In the meantime Sainsburys organic will have to do!

Going green tastes better than I thought

Richard Fishenden
Richard Fishenden

Farriery was my first love. Horse shoeing is a wonderful skill and something that I still do every week. It also gave me the skills that I needed to serve my new clients at Made by the Forge. I believe in a good old fashioned service where the customer is the number 1 asset.

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  1. I love juicing, and have tried many, many combinations. Carrots are a really good base to start from with lots of other things – Carrot and apple juice is a particular favourite. Best of all you can just try chucking in whatever you’ve got around, you’d be suprised what strange sounding combinations actualloy taste really good.

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