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Country Living Modern Rustic magazine Issue 5 is now available from all major magazine retailers. It is a stunning collection of amazing ideas to inspire and delight. Caroline Atkins who wrote the piece, has made it an interesting and informative read and the opposite page of supporting imagery, photographed by Andrew Montgomery, is stunning to look at.  Made by the Forge is featured in this issue with an in-depth account of the story behind our ideas and where we are now. Always moving forward but always remembering our key ambition which is to hand-craft the very best ironwork, work with the best of British designers and make it to last you a lifetime.

Check out the Artisan Profile of Richard on page 110 for yourself….

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Juliet Fishenden
Juliet Fishenden

Sort the bathroom. Make kitchen mess look less. And give yourself a gift of a beautifully hand made rail which is made to last. Our solid, wrought iron items can help offer you a calm and clutter free space where everything has its place.


Our kitchen pan and utensil racks add a unique feature to your kitchen. We offer two standard sizes and two styles; flat to the wall or round rails.
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We also offer a bespoke service – racks and rails made to measure specifically for your workspace. We can make any rail fit any space because we can also make you special brackets if you need them.
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If you have a project then do contact us by phone or email. We are always more than happy to discuss your requirements.
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Juliet Fishenden
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Made by the Forge offers a personal and friendly service. All our pieces are
made to order and bespoke orders are welcomed. So when we had a call from Emma Jane we were able to help. She was looking for a special birthday present for her husband. She asked Richard (above) to make a fire-side set of tools with a basket twisted cage on the top. The present was very well received.
 “Fabulous success” Will loved the fact that it’s ‘properly’ made (and not from a factory in China)” Emma Jane. Photos to come.
Below shows the tools, on the forge floor, in the process of being made.
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 Buying handmade products supports local industry and  local people and we were all grateful that Emma Jane choose Made by the Forge.
“The price you pay for it is exactly what you see, there are no hidden costs. The revenue stays within the local economy; people are not out of work but working in a local business. We have just taken on a new blacksmith apprentice which is quite something in 2016. He is learning how to make “things” from metal, a skill that needs to carry on living, after all we have a fair history with the blacksmith and we feel this need preserving!” Richard Fishenden
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Juliet Fishenden

What makes Made by the Forge unique is that it pledges to plant a tree for every product sold. This year we have donated all our tree planting funds to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. They use the money to buy trees and we are sponsoring two conservation projects: tree planting at Bradfield Woods and tree planting at Levington Lagoon.

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Michael Strand the Trusts Development Manager shares below the latest information about what is happening at Bradfield Woods and why their tree planting is so important for the Dormice.

The trees planted by our Junior Rangers (image below) on the southern side of Bradfield Woods National Nature Reserve are to link this stronghold for Dormice with the outlying ancient copse named Glebe Wood. The 300 metre stretch of hedgerow which has now been fenced to reduce browsing pressure from deer is hoped to provide a corridor for Dormice to move across the surrounding arable fields. On the seven point scale of success for any reintroduced species, the final seventh point is to determine successful recolonization away from the original reintroduced area. This has happened at Bradfield Woods along the more westerly edges already and it is hoped the hedgerow planting linking Glebe Wood will replicate this success.

SWT Planting Bradfield Woods

Simon Barnes says: “It’s all about connections. A good deal of the Trust’s work involves corridors: joining up good bits of habitat so that the wildlife can commute from one to the other. It’s a principle operated by conservation organisations across the world. The Trust has established corridors between woods that are now used by dormice.” Suffolk Wildlife Trust magazine, January 2016.

Made by the Forge is proud that it is planting trees and proud that its hand-made, wrought iron products are Blacksmith made in Suffolk. We make every effort to offset our CO2 emissions; and make sure that what the company takes from the Suffolk environment, it puts back into the Suffolk environment. 


Juliet Fishenden

There is something wonderfully decadent about silk. It is so beautiful to touch and always a delight to see framing a window or a cushion. It is a timeless, natural fabric which works well in soft furnishings for both contemporary and country home interiors.

Natalie Canning, a curtain and blind expert, generously shares her views on Dupion silk and the silk worm with us;

“Dupion silk is one of the most popular silk materials as it is easy to sew, drapes beautifully and is wrinkle resistant. It is created by two different silk worms spinning their cocoons closely together and their fibres tangling.


The thread created is rougher than other silk materials and the finished fabric contains bumps and irregularities called slubs which are part of its unique charm.

The humble silkworm is blissfully unaware of its importance to the natural fabric industry. It is said that a Chinese Empress discovered a silk worm’s white cocoon after it fell into her tea cup. The Empress was a keen weaver and after noticing a strand coming away from the fuzzy object she began to study it more closely. She unwound the cocoon into one long filament and the rest is history. The amazing silkworm caterpillar feeds on mulberry trees until it is ready to pupate and then uses huge silk producing glands to spin a cocoon. The clever caterpillar adds a protective gummy protein to the thread which makes the silk cocoon rigid.


The Chinese Empress had accidentally discovered a way to remove this hard coating and release the fine silk thread….immersion in hot water! Or in her case a cup of tea! The Chinese kept the source of this beautiful, natural silk thread secret for well over one thousand years. There were many speculations and theories but the penalty for sharing the secret was death!”

We love the contrast between dupion silk and our solid iron poles so if you would like some help combining the two we would love to hear from you.

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Juliet Fishenden

Grand Designs – February 2016 – Made by the Forge Farrier’s Cage


Country Homes & Interiors – February 2016


Juliet Fishenden

We are forging ahead with new ideas for more wrought iron products which we will offer you in 2016. In the spring we will be meeting up with our collaboration partners Anthony Dickens, Gareth Neal, Chris Eckersley and William Warren to bring you the best of British design made by British blacksmiths.

Richard is looking forward to the festive holiday and seeing the new Star Wars movie!

Let the Forge be with you

If you have a project you would like us to quote for? We are always happy to help. If you have an idea, email a sketch and we can take a look and let you know if we can make it. Alternatively just call us on 01473 487118 to talk it through.

Juliet Fishenden

The new Made by the Forge brochure has arrived. If you would like one please just send us a note, with the address you would like it sent to, and we will post it to you.

It showcases all our ironwork products and is designed to give you ideas for styling your home.


If you need any help, just call us on 01473 487118 or email sales@madebytheforge.co.uk. We are always happy to answer any questions; we pride ourselves on an efficient caring service.

Made by the Forge is different because we believe in making high quality ironwork that will last and last. All curtain poles are made to measure, so a perfect fit for your window is guaranteed. Simply key in your measurements online, using our helpful measuring guide, and see the price before placing your order.

It is always comforting to know that a tree is planted for every product sold, the ironwork is hand-crafted in our Suffolk forge and the beeswax, we use to finish the ironwork, is collected straight from a local hive.

Juliet Fishenden

At Made by the Forge we love making wrought iron curtain poles. At Natalie Canning Interiors, Natalie loves making curtains and blinds. She has become a fan of our poles and we have become a fan of her absolutely fabulous, fabrics and creations!

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We have teamed up with Natalie so that we can shed some light on the most commonly answered questions regarding all things concerning curtains. For this post Natalie focuses on interlining and sheds some light on exactly what it is and the reasons for using it. She has a wealth of experience and is the perfect person to advise us on how to get the most from our window treatments.


Interlining is an additional layer of soft, flexible fabric which is secured between your face fabric and lining.
It comes in various weights and can be made up of natural or man made fibres.

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The top answer (from Natalie’s point of view): is the difference between having luxurious, full bodied curtains that hang beautifully and having thin, listless curtains that struggle to drape in any way at all.
Interlining is also a great insulator, keeping the heat in and the cold out. It is a bit like hanging a lightweight but very warm blanket at your windows. This is the perfect solution for your window treatments if you live in an old property or a country home with draughty, single glazed windows.

In addition to all of this, interlining protects your face fabric from the sun. This is a vital requirement if you are using natural fabric silk in your curtains or blinds as the fibres will rot if exposed to the sun.

Natalie Canning offers a medium and heavy weight no shrink interlining (some interlinings shrink if exposed to even the tiniest bit of moisture). These two weights should suit most of your soft furnishings requirements.

Natalie takes great pride in designing and producing, the most beautiful and unique soft furnishings. She is always available in her Suffolk work room to discuss ideas and requirements. All of her curtains and blinds are hand made to the highest standards using traditional skills and craftsmanship. Contact Natalie on 01379 668170 or natalie@nataliecanninginteriors.co.uk.”

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