Suffolk Pink

ImageThe name Suffolk Pink is a term given to many cottages & farmhouses throughout the rural areas of Suffolk, England.  Nowadays this is obviously due to the colour of paint used, but a popular misconception still persists that in bygone times the colour was the result of pigs or ox blood being added to the whitewash or distemper. Whilst blood was indeed added, & undoubtedly enhanced the colour produced, this was used more as a binding agent. The primary source of the colour itself came from the adding of red ochre (derived from iron), or alternately from sloe berries.

Richard Fishenden

Farriery was my first love. Horse shoeing is a wonderful skill and something that I still do every week. It also gave me the skills that I needed to serve my new clients at Made by the Forge. I believe in a good old fashioned service where the customer is the number 1 asset.

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