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Richard Fishenden

We were recently commissioned to produce a weathervane of a Highland pony. The client had created her own profile from a photo of her own pony. Here is a photo of her ponies in her paddock with the weathervane in the background.


Richard Fishenden

Spring is coming. We are all looking foward to better weather and longer days.
When I am not in the forge I can be found out and about in Suffolk shoeing horses. Its hard work and has to be done in all weathers so when it is raining I long to be back in the warm forge making pan rails etc.

The weather can really affect our lives, even our moods seem to follow it! If you love to watch the weather then you should think about buying a weathervane.
I love to look out of the windowg(next to the woodburner of course!) and see what the weather is up to. The wind can change completley within a few hours so a weathervane can if fact help you to plan your day.

All of our weathervanes are hand forged, even the letters making them the best on the market. We can make a weathervane in many different designs so if you fancy being a weather watcher from the side of the fire like me then look at this page: