The Forge ‘Shapes’ Bathroom Range

Famous for its design potential, the bathroom provides homeowners with a chance to be different, an opportunity to reveal a playful side. You might say that bathroom design has very few rules so feel free to break all of them. For example, what might look out of place in any other room, may be perfect for the bathroom. Some bathrooms I’ve visited had an on-it-side, old fashioned trunk as the under-sink cupboard which not only works surprisingly well, it’s a nod to the past which is practical and somewhat distinctive. A lot of show business folks like to adorn their smallest rooms with any awards they may have won. Often you will find autographed photos of famous people in people’s bathrooms. On any other wall in the house, it may be seen as not the done thing, a sort of visual namedropping but in the bathroom, it’s forgiven and enjoyed.

But what if your own bathroom could do with a bit of design, pieces that fit together as a range but also stand alone as desirable bathroom accessories? As a small family business, it’s always a thrill to work with talented, award-winning British designers. We are welcoming back Chris Eckersley who has designed a number of pieces for the bathroom. Titled ‘The Forge Shapes Bathroom Range’, it consists of five pieces and each is linked by the design of three shapes that reoccur throughout the range. Small, metal circles, squares and diamonds all feature on each piece providing a subtle theme if any are placed together. 

The range includes a towel rail, loo roll wall brackets, single hooks, a combination set of 3 hooks and a toilet roll ‘Butler’.

Each will be hand made by our expert team at the Forge. The pieces will gift your bathroom with a ‘contemporary designer’ ambiance, that is wholly practical but also visually arresting aspect, a merging of the modern rustic with an up to date sensibility.

For this bathroom project we also worked with the interior designer Jane McIntyre to create a space where there was a calm practical overall theme. Jane suggested a large mirror and a French style curtain pole for the window opening. Also long, light weight curtains for privacy and peacefulness and lots of hooks to hang dressing gowns, towels and clothes on. It all works beautifully and is such a joy when in the space.

With a little creativity and care, you may want to spend more time indulging in beautifying your bathroom. We like to adorn spaces with useful items that last. All the pieces in the ranges are designed and made to last a lifetime so once purchased that’s it other than treating yourself to some beautiful towels and gorgeous products to make your space truly luxurious. Perhaps now is the time to ‘shape’ up your bathroom.


Juliet Fishenden

Here, you’ll find a news feed straight from the forge posted by myself, Juliet, Richard’s wife and business partner. Here you will find updated product information as well as personal observations about Richard’s craft.

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