Made to Measure Cupboard and Wardrobe Rails

Wardrobe rail with recess bracketGreat storage space is like gold and wardrobe rails are the key to reclaiming your space. I recently took a measured tour of our house. I put my mind to it and found all sorts of spaces, nooks and crannies that could be transformed into viable storage spaces. If living under the stairs was good enough for Harry Potter, it’s good enough for all those winter jackets during the Spring and Summer. This space can be transformed with a carefully placed rail under the stairs. All you then need are hangers and voila a clear hallway.

What about that alcove in the spare room, a confined space not earning its keep? Both of these spaces can be transformed by a rail from one enclosing wall to the other or supported by ceiling brackets. Then perhaps a curtain to contain the space? And we know where you can get your bespoke curtain rail from too!

Has there ever been a wardrobe in your home that you haven’t had to force clothes apart to fit in that ironed shirt? We accumulate clothes without accumulating the space in which to store them. An extra rail or two in unused spaces is a sensible and obvious answer. Made by the Forge provides you with bespoke length rails of 16mm diameter, strong enough for a wardrobe full of jackets, coats and shirts with one advantage. No sagging. You put your clothing on one of our rails and that rail stays ramrod straight.

wardrobe rail with ceiling drop brackets

With a rail you can be creative, arranging items so they are at once to hand. Give it a go. Your inner voice of tidiness will thank you. Any questions do call or email.  Click here to go to the ordering page.

Juliet Fishenden

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