French style curtain pole

French style curtain pole

French Style Pole French style curtain pole on the beamed window Ring stop detail. Secures last ring from pulling across the pole French pole wall bracket, pole and screws detail French pole centre bracket Windows dressed with curtains and French poles from Magenta Interiors  #amyelizauk Interior Stylist and Maker


Ordering your French style curtain pole

1 - Measurement (in cm)

Total length: from centre of bracket to centre of bracket in cm  
Centre bracket quantity  

2 - Now choose your finish & curtain rings

Add 1 ring per 10cm of pole..
pole finish   ring

Price for this French pole:


French Style Curtain Pole

Let’s face it. Style, elegance and being attractive are things the French are famous for. Made by the Forge’s French Style Curtain Pole delivers all the quality and handcrafted expertise you would expect from the UK’s number one curtain pole specialist and adds a soupçon of Gallic charm. The pole has no finials as each end curves ninety degrees back to the wall where the pole slides into a bracket. The advantage of such a pole is that it is much more efficient at keeping out draughts.

You can install a French style curtain pole for a curtain over a window or a door to keep a howling wind at bay. Depending on the age of your home, there’s always a draught looking for a way in. The curtain will then create a more complete shelter from the wind.

Interior designers, discerning individuals and first-rate curtain makers, like Magenta Interiors, all choose Made by the Forge’s French Style Curtain Poles. They look traditional, classy, superbly crafted and they do their job. Add some ‘Va va voom! to your room with a stylish French pole from Made by the Forge.

“Made by the Forge is my first stop for the best French poles on the market.”
Magenta Interiors - Bespoke Soft Furnishings

The pole is easy to fit, and each one includes a ring stop near the bracket to secure the last ring from pulling across the pole as you draw the curtain closed.

Complete the decor with a set of matching, hand-made curtain holdbacks from our complete range. Available with your choice of finial, or continue to browse Made by the Forge's complete range of wrought iron curtain poles.

Price from: £120
Centre brackets:

  • Easy to order, hassle free delivery and free returns*
  • Projection to middle of pole 10cm
  • Detachable brackets for easy fitting
  • Available in 20mm solid.
  • Choose from matt black or beeswax finish.
  • Add a centre bracket for poles over 180cm
  • Simply measure the length you need from centre of bracket to centre of bracket in cm
  • Add 1 ring per 10cm of pole - e.g. 120cm = 12 rings

Remember, not every window is suitable for a curtain pole mounted on the room facing surface of the wall. For tighter spaces, please visit our recess curtain pole section and find your perfect fit.

"We are very pleased with the french curtain rail which arrived safe & well packed. The rails are installed and look beautiful, just in time for a cold snap 3°C overnight and they've done a great job at keeping the cold escaping out of the living room windows."
A Hill. Western Australia


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