Circular Curtain Poles for Oast Houses

Juliet Fishenden
  Oast houses are buildings which were designed for drying hops out as part of the brewing process when crafting beer. Historically these Oast houses were found in Kent and Sussex where the hops were predominantly grown. The making of beer has since evolved so you don’t need a hop kiln anymore so many of these interesting buildings are being converted into houses. These fabulous buildings make for very interesting living spaces.
One aspect of these buildings that is slightly tricky is the curvature of the wall so we have recently been asked to help out with the difficulty of completely curved walls by The House Company in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  Interior designer Tracy Newson knew the only realistic way forward was made to measure, bespoke, handcrafted curtain rails
and for those you come to the specialists at Made by the Forge.
“Customer was delighted and so was I.”
We were thrilled to be able to help with the solution which was completely curved, hand forged curtain poles to fit the curves from finial to finial. The finished look was effortlessly stylish and the beautiful handmade curtains set the iron poles off and the windows perfectly.
If you have an Oast House and you need some help for your curved walls, click on the link and then click on the Curved Bay diagram for all the information to price up bespoke made to measure curved curtain poles.
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Juliet Fishenden
Juliet Fishenden

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