Food for Free

As I am a farrier I am pretty much always in the countryside mostly surrounded by mud and horses. As I was leaving a yard I got out to close the gate and saw to my amazement a huge crop of mushrooms just inside a paddock gateway. I figured they were field mushrooms because of their position in the field, shape and smell and (most important) a good field guide told me so when I got home. I picked all the best ones. 

It was the weekend and I got up enthusiastically to cook the mushrooms. I firstly checked the mushrooms very carefully for any maggots as they can crawl up the stems into the head of the mushroom. I then washed  them thoroughly and rough chopped them or you can leave them whole. To cook I heat up a wok, which lives on my pan rack, and then I choose to fry butter and a whole clove of garlic with the mushrooms in it. Pan fried like this and then piled onto hot buttered toast is the best weekend breakfast or brunch at this time of year.

Field Mushrooms in a trug

Nothing beats the taste of fresh Field Mushrooms..

Richard Fishenden

Farriery was my first love. Horse shoeing is a wonderful skill and something that I still do every week. It also gave me the skills that I needed to serve my new clients at Made by the Forge. I believe in a good old fashioned service where the customer is the number 1 asset.


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