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Wrought iron pan racks

Kitchen Racks and Rails - Chef's Choice

Wrought iron pan racks - handmade

Pan Rails
The Hawthorn Range

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iron pan rails

Pan Rails
The Blackthorn Range

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Oval ceiling hanging pan rack

Oval Hanging Rack
The Hazel With Bars

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oval ceiling hanging pan rack

Oval Hanging Rack
The Hazel Without Bars

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Rectangular ceiling hanging pan rack

Rectangular Hanging Rack
The Holly With Bars

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wrought iron ceiling hanging pan rack

Rectangular Hanging Rack
The Holly Without Bars

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kitchen paper towel holder

Kitchen Paper
Towel Holder

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Made by the Forge Metal Kitchen Racks - Made for your inner Chef!

Our stylish collection of metal kitchen racks, rails, hooks and brackets offer a unique and convenient storage solution for any kitchen setting and a variety of kitchenware. We know how busy life can get so why not make it a little bit easier by using one of our metal kitchen racks to keep all your kitchen utensils where you need them, when you need them.

Made by the Forge’s team of blacksmiths are experts at making beautiful, practical metal kitchen racks and rails for your home. We are proud that all of our metal kitchen racks are made from British sourced, solid wrought iron and traditionally forged and hammered by hand, right here in the UK.

You can choose from either the Hawthorn or Blackthorn Range of metal kitchen racks - both of which are finished with either a matt black coating or a natural beeswax, locally sourced here in Suffolk.

For heavy duty storage and convenience, we offer the oval Hazel Ceiling Pan Rack and its close cousin, the rectangular Holly Ceiling Pan Rack. Both are available open or railed at a standard size of 90cm for the Hazel and 60cm for the Holly. They are also available at custom sizes, handmade specifically for your kitchen space.

"A handcrafted hanging rack from Made by the Forge is a tidy space-saver."
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By choosing Made by the Forge products you are supporting the Circular Economy in which products are made, used, re-used, recycled and remade.

This is good for the planet and good for those of us living on it. Our ironwork is made to last a lifetime... and beyond!

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