On Saturday I decided to take a visit to see how the new trees that we planted in February this year are getting on. They were all planted as part of is the tree planting pledge we have made which helps give something back to the environment that the business uses. There are 2 common names related to how much energy we all use which are:

A ‘carbon footprint’ (how much Co2 you produce) and

‘Offsetting’ (which is a way of canceling out the C02).

We wanted to take an active role in this area of our business and so planting a tree in Suffolk for every pan rack or utensil rack we sell seems a logical thing to do. As you will see from our website, each product is named after a tree and this dictates how many and of what species we plant.

Here is a photo of the new Suffolk hedgerow which despite the drought seems to be doing really well.

Despite the drought it's doing well.

Last years apples for me were a disaster. We had a late frost locally which seriously affected the blossom and therefore the apples and therefore my cider crop! This year we have been blessed with amazing blossom. The trees look stunning. This photo was taken at a local farm where I am allowed to pick the apples. I cant wait.

It seems that spring is well and truly here does it not? I love this time of the year. The trees I have planted as part of our eco pledge are showing signs of life which is great. One of my favorite trees that we plant each year is Hawthorn or sometimes known as Quickthorn.

Did you know that the Hawthorn leaf is edible? Yes really. It has got a lovely nutty flavor and can be added to salads, enjoyed on its own or made in to tea. Now is the best time of year to eat them. They a young and tender in the Spring but still good all year round. The berry’s on the Hawthorn are also edible and are very good for your heart. They have a slightly apple like taste.

The 2 together were known years ago as ‘Bread and Cheese’. This is because the leaf (the bread) was very widely available all year round and formed a staple diet for children. The Haws (the cheese) were named so because of their round red shape like a waxed coated cheese.

So if you have a Hawthorn in your garden and fancy something different in your salad or sandwich then why not try some of this free food?

Amazingly I found these crab apples today when out walking with my family. They are all really firm and just perfect to make in to jelly! What is amazing is that they have withstood weather as cold as minus 15 and have remained unscathed. I picked these up and will have enough for one or two pots of crab apple jelly. I had run out so am thrilled with my find.

Bespoke curtain rails are all that we could offer in this dormer roof space. The client decided to have ’rounded’ ends of the rail because there was no room for a finial. We supplied 2 center brackets for the rail as there was not enough room for a standard bracket.

Not all windows are suitable for standard curtain rails and finials  These photos show that you can still have long curtains rather than a blind and retain the look of wrought iron in your home.


My brother in law came for a brief visit to Suffolk last weekend. He has been living abroad for 8 years and I felt like treating him to some country fare. I cooked a turkey and dug up some parsnips which have successfully thrived the complete winter without any tending from me! The experts say that parsnips are at their best in January and February so I scrubbed them and roasted them with a small amount of olive oil and sprinkles of rosemary. They stole the show. Every last one was consumed and they tasted so sweet. Now is the time to eat, local to you, parsnips.

This is a photo of Andy who great with a camera and who works for Holy Cow the company who designed my website Here it shows Andy photographing one of my new curtain rail products which will shortly be added onto this website along side my pan racks. I hope they will prove complimentary to my existing kitchen racks.

If wrought iron is what you like then these curtain rails will add to your overall look.

wrought iron curtain poles

Curtain pole shoot

I have a desire to create ironwork that lasts forever. At the moment I am working on the minute detail for my new kitchen (an extension on my old one). I intend to furnish all our kitchen  cupboard doors and drawers with iron handles and knobs. This has lead to me deciding to introduce a new range which also incorporates kitchen rails and curtain rails with various finials. My favorite is the Thumper named after the tool that thumps in the soil when a tree is planted. I get the majority of my inspiration from nature and will soon be offering all the smaller iron furniture for anyone who is dedicated to detail.

- Richard Fishenden

Wow isn’t the summer great!

Long days and sunny weather give me the time I need to look after my veg plot make some jams and jelly’s for the winter and drive my pony Murphy.

I have also been busy developing a range of curtain poles and door furniture and they will shortly be ready to be photographed and added to the range on the website.

If you are interested in quality hand made curtain poles hand forged out of solid iron or hand forged kitchen door and cupboard furniture then please give me a ring and I will tell you more about it!


This weekend just gone has been a bank holiday. I knew I would be working on Saturday shoeing and on the Sunday and Monday on my own land tending to my newly sown veggies plus I had hired a digger and a friend to help me dig out a base for some stables.

As my wife knew we would get little time for indulgent pleasures like driving my pony. She helped me arrange to drive Murphy with my tutor Mike Daniell a driving professional whose day job is driving a team of Friesian horses to Weddings and Funerals. I was at Mike’s shoeing and Juliet brought my pony gleaming for me to drive.

I had the best time.