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Juliet Fishenden

Kitchen specialists and furniture designers par excellence, Martin Moore, share our philosophy and love of traditional, British-made handcrafted products. Yorkshire based for 42 years, their superbly made and beautifully finished work speaks for itself. In the Supplement to this month’s House and Garden magazine, one of their bespoke kitchens is featured and it’s a real beauty.

Set in a former church hall with lighting issues and great length but not width, the kitchen designer had to overcome a few not insignificant, practical hurdles. With a fusion of contemporary and traditional styles, Toni Silver’s elegant, informal design makes it a tremendous space for people to gather and not just one in which to prepare food. Made by the Forge was commissioned to handcraft the pan rack, which is fixed to the large mirror. As Toni says, “…the mirror is antique. So fixing a rack to it took on a special care and importance!”

It’s good to know that our classic ironwork fits in so well with such a contemporary kitchen. Clichés are clichés for a reason but it really is true that classics never go out of style. It’s also very satisfying to contribute to such a project and an honour to be associated with such a fine company whose work echoes our own passions and goals. To see the House & Garden Kitchen & Bathroom supplement article, July 2017, click here.



Richard Fishenden
Iron pan rack with thumper finials

This pan rack features in The Fabulous Baker Brothers kitchen on their TV show Channel 4. We have been busy at the Forge clearing and  organising all areas of our business from filing paperwork to refreshing our kitchen space. We have decided to breathe some new life into our kitchen by adding another pan rack giving us a clearer work top.

I have a desire to create ironwork that lasts forever. At the moment I am working on the minute detail for my new kitchen (an extension on my old one). I intend to furnish all our kitchen  cupboard doors and drawers with iron handles and knobs. This has lead to me deciding to introduce a new range which also incorporates kitchen rails and curtain rails with various finials. My favorite is the Thumper named after the tool that thumps in the soil when a tree is planted. I get the majority of my inspiration from nature and will soon be offering all the smaller iron furniture for anyone who is dedicated to detail.

- Richard Fishenden
Richard Fishenden

It was partly due to Feng shui that we decided to clear up and really organise our very small kitchen. When space is at a minimum one needs to get creative. Finding the right pot or pan when they are all stacked on top of one another inside a dark cupboard is annoying and time consuming.

We were continually breaking glasses and chipping china bowls so we made a plan. The plan was to use every space of wall so that our utensils and other cooking essentials were at hand but not necessarily on the work surfaces.

The rails and ceiling racks that I made have meant that we have a place that is handy and immediate for all our utensils and pans. Making the most of the space we have has felt really good and if one believes in the power of Feng Shui then the energy in our kitchen has been moved around, improved and that can only be a good thing.