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Juliet Fishenden

Here, you’ll find a news feed straight from the forge posted by myself, Juliet, Richard’s wife and business partner. Here you will find updated product information as well as personal observations about Richard’s craft.

Made by the Forge has donated all its tree planting money for the year 2013 to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. This has helped them buy trees for their Dormouse conservation project. This years tree planting has already taken place and was a great success. The trees were planted over a weekend by volunteers so none of our tree money is spent on anything other than trees.


We were kindly invited to Arger Fen and Spouse’s Vale to see for ourselves how the Trusts work is benefitting the countryside and especially the habitat for the Dormouse.
The Trust have put up a number of Dormouse boxes so that the mice can hibernate and live safely. The boxes also help the Trust collect vital data to monitor their work.
Dormouse box

Below is a short excerpt from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

‘Dormice spend their lives exclusively amongst the branches of trees and scrub and will not cross open ground to reach suitable habitat. Removing the hedges that link woodlands fragments the dormouse population which in time becomes ever more vulnerable to habitat change and genetic isolation. Therefore it is essential to locate and reconnect remaining populations of dormice. Private landowners and farmers are now playing a critical role by planting new hedges or ‘gapping up’ existing hedges to recreate the connected landscape which is so vital for dormice. Of course it is not just dormice that will benefit, hedges support a rich assemblage of plants, invertebrates and birds….’
‘The dormice that only just managed to survive the fragmentation of their aerial world in the tops of trees and hedges once again have the opportunity to move unhindered through the countryside using a revitalised network of hedges and woods.’ SWT

Made by the Forge has decided to offer a new, speedy curtain pole pack for anyone who wants a curtain pole or poles in a hurry. Coming soon we will be able to offer an Express Delivery Service so you can have your pole within 48 hours; allowing you to be creative and dress your windows quickly for when the Queen decides to visit at short notice!

The plan is to have a variety of standard lengths of poles, made, finished, with all the necessary brackets and rings, wrapped and ready to go. We will be offering our most popular Cannon Ball and Button finials. We felt it important that the iron quality is exactly the same as our bespoke made to measure service and you have the choice of both the matt black or beeswax finish. Below shows a cannon ball being hammer finished in the traditional way.

MBTF_hot cannonball

The Button finial works well in a small space but also offers a smart, understated end to any pole in any location.

Meanwhile if you need your poles in a hurry please do call Richard 07787 542860.  We will always do our very best to get your order made up and couriered to you as fast as possible.

Button finial on slate


Last weekend designers Gareth Neal and William Warren joined us in the forge, busy creating and developing their lighting designs for the Forge Project. It was good fun seeing the concept sketches come to life in the forge. There was certainly an abundance of ideas and creativity was flowing!

William and Richard working together in the forge.


This beautiful horse, Bruce, is huge, stunning and a softie.

His carer Marie says that Richard is married to Bruce and must always to continue to look after his feet!

Bruce always gives Richard a cuddle as if to say thank you.

The inspiration for the honey dipper…

Honey spoon in honey