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Thumper finial, 20mm iron curtain pole

wrought iron curtain rail with Thumperfinials

The Thumper Finial

Thumper finial in matt black Thumper finial in matt black finish Thumper finial in matt black finish Thumper finial in matt black finish Thumper finial in matt black finish Thumper curtain holdback matt black Brackets in matt black and beeswax matt black THumper finial in place

Thumper finial, 20mm iron curtain pole

Our superb 20mm curtain poles and finials are handcrafted by expert blacksmiths. Take a closer look at the finial and you will see the hammer marks still visible from the forging process.

Our own tree planting pledge inspires the finial on this wrought iron curtain pole. The tool that we use to thump in tree roots was our inspiration for the Thumper finial. It differs from the classic Cannonball by having a forged, flattened end. More »

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Prices start from £166

Ordering your curtain pole

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1 - Add measurements (in cm)

window frame width    
left draw back right draw back
See our measuring guide

2 - Choose finials and finish

finial type finial amount
pole & finial finish total length (inc. finials)
Beeswax = 100% natural, net-zero product, very environmentally friendly, durable, gun metal grey and highlights the metal's natural grain.
Matt Black = Black in colour, durable, less environmentally friendly (VOCs), very uniform. Read about it in full here - What is the difference between matt black and beeswax finishes?

3 - Brackets and rings

ring quantity standard brackets
1 ring per 10cm for lightweight or medium curtains. 1 ring per 7cm for heavy curtains. For pleated curtains it's 1 reming per pleat.
centre brackets recess brackets
For every 200cm of pole, an extra bracket is required.
The brackets should be fixed evenly spaced for optimum support.

4 - Pole quantity and price

Quantity of this pole type Price per pole:

For delivery charges please see delivery page

"Quality and design is amazing, and indeed rare, in today's world."

Many thanks Nick

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Product description

Each Made by the Forge product comes with a lifetime guarantee and will enhance your window space with a blend of the classic and contemporary.

Enhance your window space with a set of matching, hand-made curtain holdbacks from our complete range. They are available with your choice of finial.

Not every window is suitable for a curtain pole mounted on the room facing surface of the wall. For tighter spaces, please visit our recess curtain pole section and find your perfect fit.

See the full range of finials for our 20mm curtain poles.

Product specification

Material: Our wrought iron Curtain Poles are made to measure from solid 20mm iron bar.

Finish: Choose from a matt black finish or a natural beeswax finish. Both finishes are traditional and will enhance the beauty of the wrought iron pole.

Dimensions: Finial length = 8.5 cm. Curtain bracket sits the pole 6.5cm from the wall.

20mm Curtain Product Measurements PDF

  • Pole price per cm ( per metre)
    Finials each
    Standard brackets each
    Centre bracket each
    Ceiling bracket each
    Curtain rings each
    For delivery charges please see delivery page

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How to measure for your curtain pole

Making the cannonball finial

Watch a short clip of how we make the Thumper finial in the forge.



How to Measure for Curtain Poles

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How to Put Up a Curtain Pole with Brackets

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Making a Cannonball Finial

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How to Put Up a Recess Curtain Pole with Brackets

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