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Juliet Fishenden

At Made by the Forge the natural world and all the wonderful animals in it are always close to our hearts. We are so thrilled to be giving back something which will make a difference. We are able to give a lot because of all the orders we have received, from you, for our wrought iron poles, pan racks and new lighting. We plant a tree for each product sold. All of our 2014 tree planting money has been donated to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust for a local project on land the trust have bought at Arger Fen. They intend to safeguard this land for future generations of humans and animals. They have just purchased trees, stakes and guards that are needed to link up two old ancient woodlands. Volunteers plant the trees so the money really is spent on trees.


The dormouse will benefit from this new hedge. Dormice do not leave the safety of the trees so linking up areas is very beneficial to them. They move about from branch to branch so are easily isolated if hedging is removed.

dormouse for blog

It is not only the dormouse which will benefit either. The more habitat for all the other birds and animals will just make their homes and their lives better.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s nature reserves are some of the county’s most important wildlife places. Arger Fen and Spouces Vale is free to visit and enjoy. We visited last year when the bluebells were in full bloom and it was an amazing spectacle to see such beauty. The area is a fascinating mosaic of ancient woodland alongside fen meadow and regenerating woodland (and not forgetting new hedging). Why not treat yourself to a visit?

Juliet Fishenden
Juliet Fishenden

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