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Juliet Fishenden
Here are a couple of style tips for today – if you have small windows you can make them look larger by having your curtain pole extend generously either side of the window and hang curtains to the floor. The trend is that curtains should  ‘pool’ on the floor depending on the fabric. This makes more of a statement of the window rather than hiding it with small curtains.
Another trick is to pick up the colour from the surrounding wall to give the illusion of continuous space.
One of the interior designers we have worked with, Jane McIntyre ( has some wonderful linens which are made by a Scottish company and treated so that they hang beautifully, great inspiration for making a feature of your windows this summer.
Style tips
Richard Fishenden

Bringing the outside in and the inside out is a technique lots of people are employing for their homes and gardens. Designers are having a ball creating exciting designs for inside and outside spaces like this one below. I would like to spend some time in this room to experience something new.



We at Made by the Forge are always keen to pick up any design tips for window dressing. Designers say that if the window in your room is the best feature then hanging patterned curtains will draw attention and highlight the space even more.


Take care though to hang the curtains so they can be drawn right back past the frame to show off the window and make the most of the light.


Richard Fishenden

Tapestry hung on iron curtain poleWith the new trend for multicoloured tapestry mentioned in this month’s Homes &  Gardens magazine have you considered hanging a tapestry from one of our wrought iron poles? The black iron compliments the colourful graphic patterns that are so popular at the moment and we can make bespoke lengths or brackets to your requirements.

Richard Fishenden
We saw this great advice on making a small window look its best – simple but it works! Same size of window but look how much grander the one on the right seems!
curtain do's and donts
Richard Fishenden
Richard Fishenden

When designing ones home it is an exciting time as well as an expensive time. Sometimes mixing and matching expensive with cheap works really well. This inexpensive light shade could be dressed up with black iron chain for a more substantial feel. Wrought iron accessories can be supplied by Made by the Forge in matt black paint or beeswax.

lightshade with chain

Richard Fishenden

Check out September issue of Country Homes and Interiors magazine for one of our curtain poles. Page 51 cannon ball finial in beeswax.

Richard Fishenden

The summer is the time when many people change the look of their rooms and use small things to make a real statement and add the finishing touch. Why not consider revamping your cupboard doors with some new wrought iron handles or door knobs? Made by the Forge handcrafts all the door furniture especially for you.

Theblack iron handles are available in two finishes; beeswax or matt black paint. They look and feel great on all sorts of home furniture.


Richard Fishenden

Last week a good friend asked me to make them something to hang their hand towel off in their small downstairs cloakroom. This is what I came up with.