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Coat Hooks

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Coat Hooks

Blackbird on Oak Branch Wren on Willow Branch Robin on Wild Rose Little Owl on Branch Happy Hedgehog Here Hare Here    

Coat Hooks

Made by the Forge teamed up with a friend we’ve known for twenty years, talented artist Cindy Lee Wright, to create life-size slices of the English countryside with its own inhabitant sitting over five sturdy coat hooks.

Each of the coat hooks share the following features;

  • They are extremely strong, handmade hooks which will not bend
  • They boast a unique wall art design
  • The precision of the artist’s work is cut out for accuracy from heavy duty steel
  • Artisan made in our Suffolk forge in Britain
  • Finished with a 575 Degree Blue Heat Effect

The six in the range are the following: More »

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Price £85

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Thank you for a quick delivery of the coat hook. It is not just a coat hook, it is a beautiful piece of art.
I love it.!!!
Kind regards
Janet T

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Product descriptions

Blackbird on Oak Branch
(75cm x 30cm x 6cm)

What could be more expressive of the English countryside than the familiar and much loved song of the blackbird? And what tree characterises our woodlands and forests more than the mighty oak? You may not hear the blackbird singing in the dead of night as sung by The Beatles but this design brings a reminder of the quintessential British countryside into your home.

Wren on Willow Branch
(60cm x 25cm x 6cm)

Given its size, the beloved wren has perhaps the loudest song. Imagine an opera diva the size of an orange but still being able to be heard from the gods. The German fable bestows on this humble creature the title ‘kinglet’. In the story, the bird that can fly highest would win the crown. The eagle beat all comers and the honorary title of ‘kinglet’ was awarded to the humble wren who then peeked out from beneath the eagle’s wings.

Robin on Wild Rose
(60cm x 23cm x 6cm)

The Christmas favourite, the robin redbreast, is featured here among the branches and stems of the wild rose. It’s fascinating to realise that it was named ‘redbreast’ because up until the 16th century, there was no word for ‘orange’ until the fruit - and the colour - was introduced to the UK. It is also known as a storm-cloud bird and therefore sacred to Thor, the god of thunder in Norse mythology (or the handsome chap in the Marvel movies with the blond locks and the hammer).

Little Owl on Branch
(65cm x 27cm x 6cm)

The little owl is closely associated with the Greek goddess Athena and the Roman goddess Minerva, both gifted with great wisdom. It’s this association that maintains the cultural chestnut of ‘the wise, old owl’. Humankind has embraced the owl throughout the ages as a symbol behind many superstitions. But in the dead of night, what is more comforting – perhaps not to its prey – than the plaintive hoot of the owl whose silence on the wing is renowned.

Happy Hedgehog
(60m x 23cm x 6cm)

Beloved by gardeners is the humble and happy hedgehog. While Beatrix Potter’s famous hedgehog, Mrs Tiggywinkle, washes the clothes of her other animal friends, the real thing is a boon to anyone growing vegetables in their garden or allotment. Food to this little creature are the slugs and snails that can play havoc with gardeners’ produce. Its illustrated stance of sniffing the air is the way it moves through its nocturnal world one small step, stop and sniff at a time.

Here Hare Here
(60cm x 27cm x 6cm)

This one is a little different from the others, not least because it features a strange combination of words. But are they all that strange to you? Have you ever gone on holiday by mistake? Or have your thumbs ever gone weird? Would you recognise a Camberwell Carrot if you ever saw one? If all this oddness is flying over your head then you have not been won over by a special little film that has ‘cult’ written all over it.

Adherents to this classic 80s comedy can be found in all walks of life. The founder of Made by the Forge, Richard Fishenden, is profoundly steeped in its lore as well as a few members of his team. A little bird – what else? – has told us that the artist st Cindy herself is partial to reading about shot-putter Jeff Wode tossing his orb about. When two struggling actors find themselves starving in a run-down and foul weather enduring country cottage, they antagonise a local poacher, Jake, who is still considerate enough to leave them a meal in the shape of a poached hare which he lea ves hanging on their cottage door with a note.

Guess what was on the note? A stunning, practical and apt gift for aficionados and all future ones of this remarkable film.

Product specification

Material: Heavy duty sheet steel. For dimensions, see under header of each product listed above.

Finish: Each coat hook is finished by means of a carefully controlled operation using a precise heating process, bringing the edges of the piece up to an exacting 575 degrees. Only this way will the natural colours of the metal come through. The advantage of this technique, apart from that beautiful blue lustre, is that no two coat hooks will ever be finished exactly the same. Simply put, your coat hook will be unique.

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