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Ordering your stair handrail

1 - Handrail length (in cm)

Total length in cm End to end length including the finials
Brackets Calculated automatically

2 - Now choose your finials & finish

Each finial includes a short stem with a pin that slots into the curtain pole..
Finial type Handrail & finial finish

Price for this handrail:


Bespoke Wrought Iron Staircase Handrail

Are you stepping up in the world? And do you need a hand? Then, get a grip...

Made by the Forge's simple but elegant wrought iron wall mounted stair rail bannister will enhance that short journey up the wooden hill and also provide a measure of handheld security. Fashioned from extremely strong wrought iron, this is a bespoke metal stair rail you can trust. In our throw-away consumer world, it's satisfying to find a piece with a lifetime guarantee and one that compliments every type of wallpaper design or floor covering you may have in your home. Iron just works.

There is a choice of finials for each end of the stair rail banister and two attractive metal finishes, matt black or natural beeswax.

For a straight stair space, you can order a Made by the Forge wrought iron handrail directly based on length desired. There will be brackets at both ends and at two metre lengths along the rail. Please also choose your finial and finish:

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Disclaimer for projects that involve Building Control: Building Regulations stipulate the diameter of rail on stairs to be between 35mm and 50mm diameter. If your project is a new build or part of an project that falls within Building Control then these stair rails will not be compliant to these standards.

Please contact us so we can help.

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