Metal curtain pole kits, 100cm to 300cm

Complete Metal Curtain Pole Kits

Metal curtain pole kit, short, Cannonball finial Metal curtain pole kit, long with centre joint, button finial Cannonball finial Button finial Centre joint for long poles Centre bracket for long poles Metal curtain pole kiet with Cannonball finial Metal curtain pole kiet with Button finial


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The Cannonball or Button Complete Metal Curtain Pole Kit
High quality metal curtain poles in one easy kit

At Made by the Forge we’re obsessed with quality so when we turned our attention to our pole kit range it had to still deliver our trademark calibre whilst being quick to order and ship, and a breeze to assemble and install.

Our off-the-shelf range is picked, packed and shipped within 2 days of your order*, and sent on a 48 hour weekday delivery service.

The poles are a superior, 16mm hollow tube, which makes them easy to handle and cut down if needed. The finials are smooth with a choice of a neat cannonball or button end that simply slip on the end of the pole and are secured with a grub screw. Brackets are a minimal design. The finish is our signature matt black.

All come from the same stable as the bespoke range with the same lifetime guarantee, and the same care and attention to our trademark quality.

The kit measurements refer to the pole length, for Cannonball finials add 3cm each end, and for Button add 0.5cm each end to get the total length of the installed pole.

To order simply choose the best length kit for your window and click to order below.

Curtain pole 100cm 150cm 200cm in 2 pcs 300cm in 2 pcs
Brackets 2 2 3 3
Finials 2 2 2 2
Curtain rings 10 16 20 30
Screws included included included included
Alan key 1 1 1 1
Joining pin - - 1 1

You can order extra curtain rings here.


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*Dispatch within 2 working days (Monday to Friday) and then on a 48h weekday delivery in the UK. Orders placed after 12pm Monday to Friday or at the weekend will be treated as being received on the next available working day.

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