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Double Curtain Pole

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Double Curtain Pole

Double curtain pole - iron Double curtain pole - iron Double curtain pole - iron Double curtain pole - iron Double curtain pole - iron Double curtain pole - iron

Double Curtain Pole

Windows can be the perfect medium to keep the warmth in while keeping the cold out. A drawn curtain offers a measure of privacy to those living in a densely populated area but it sacrifices letting the light in. The answer to this is a double curtain pole enabling the independent drawing and opening of both the main curtains and the lighter sheer curtains underneath. Sheer curtains maintain the lion’s share of the light coming in through the window and they also make it impossible to make out any detail looking in from outside. More »

  • Made from solid, extremely strong metal
  • Effortlessly stylish with a timeless design
  • Expertly handcrafted
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Planet friendly recyclable metal
  • Made to your exact measurements for an exact fit
  • Crafted in the UK, at our Suffolk forge in Britain

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Prices start from £282

Ordering your double curtain pole

If you require help, please call or email us today!

1 - Add measurements (in cm)

window frame width    
left draw back right draw back
See our measuring guide

2 - Choose finials and finish

main 20mm pole finial type finial amount
inner 16mm pole will have button finial
pole & finial finish total length (inc. finials)
Beeswax = 100% natural, net-zero product, very environmentally friendly, durable, gun metal grey and highlights the metal's natural grain.
Matt Black = Black in colour, durable, less environmentally friendly (VOCs), very uniform. Read about it in full here - What is the difference between matt black and beeswax finishes?

3 - Rings and brackets

20mm ring quantity 16mm ring quantity
1 ring per 10cm for lightweight or medium curtains. 1 ring per 7cm for heavy curtains. For pleated curtains it's 1 ring per pleat.
double standard brackets double centre brackets
double passing brackets  
For every 200cm of pole, an extra bracket is required.
The brackets should be fixed evenly spaced for optimum support.
20mm recess brackets 16mm recess brackets

4 - Pole quantity and price

Quantity of this pole type Price per pole:

For delivery charges please see delivery page

"Thank you for the speedy order and for delivering pieces well beyond our expectations. It is rare to see such handsome workmanship and I appreciate your attention to this order."

Rebecca Körner, Körner Interiors

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Product description

We have developed a double pole system that is more than up to the task. Made using strong metal that will not bend or break, the inner pole is slightly thinner and designed to hold a lightweight sheer curtain that can open and close independently from the main curtain. This is perfect for the Summer days when light is wanted but privacy is needed. The front pole is thicker and perfect for holding light and medium weight curtains. Both can be closed or opened separately which is an advantage in both winter and summer alike.

Product specification

Pole diameters:
Inner pole 16mm Solid.
Outer pole 20mm Solid.

The inner 16mm pole is slightly shorter than the main 20mm pole as can be seen in the photos above.

Colour options: Matt black or Beeswax.

20mm Button: Finial length = 5.5 cm.
20mm Cannonball: Finial length = 10 cm.
16mm Button: Finial length 0.5cm.

Bracket sizes:
Double Standard Bracket.
Wall plate 10.5cm long.
Projection 6.5cm (inner) and 14cm (outer).

Double Centre Bracket.
Wall Plate 10cm x 5cm.
Projection 6.5cm (inner) and 14cm (outer).

Double Passing Bracket. 
Wall Plate 10cm x 5cm.
Projection 6.5cm (inner) and 14cm (outer). 
Minimum distance from ceiling 5cm.

Please contact us for expert help.


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How to measure for your curtain pole.



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