curtain pole for curved bay or bow window

1 - Measurements (in mm)

Always measure right to the cormers of the wall.These are the measurements of the wall, not the pole.
1. Measure bay width from A to C in millimetres mm
2. Measure deepest part of the bay from B to D mm
3. If returns* are required, measure from 1 to A (min 420mm including finials) mm
4. and from C to 2 (inclusive of finials) (min 420mm including finials) mm
*Returns are the extra pole lengths required at both ends to rejoin the line of the wall.  
(Total pole length) mm  
A template will be required from you to ensure that we create a perfect fit. Use thick paper and make sure it fits evenly where the pole is going to be mounted. See below for template guide.

2 - Now choose your finials & finish

Each finial includes a short stem with a pin that slots into the curtain pole, finial lengths shown under finial type.
pole &
finial finish

3 - How many brackets?

Curtain Brackets sit the pole 6.5 cm from the wall.
Passing brackets are strongly suggested. Call us if you are unsure.

Wall brackets

standard brackets centre brackets passing brackets

Ceiling brackets

end brackets centre brackets ceiling passing brackets

4 - How many curtain rings?

We advise that you have 1 ring per 10cm (minimum) of curtain pole.
Do ensure you have an even number of rings for each curtain.
A passing ring has a gap in it to allow it to pass over the brackets.
Please adjust the totals below to match your particular curtain arrangement.
standard rings passing rings

Quantity: Item price: each

I have read the guide on how to make a template and will send you one


Curved Bay Window Pole

Useful videos

How to measure a curved bayHow to measure bay window curtain poles

How to put up a curved bay poleHow to install a bay window curtain rod

Curtain rings

Wrought iron curtain rings

Standard Rings

Wrought iron bay window curtain rings

Passing Rings

Curtain rings come in two designs. There is the straightforward wrought iron ring and what’s known as the passing ring which has a gap in it to allow that section of the curtain to pass through the brackets.

Based on the overall length of the pole, the number of both types of rings you will need (1 for every 10cm) will be automatically calculated, we suggest half normal and half passing rings, but you may need to change this split depending on the arrangement of your curtains.

Complete the decor with a set of matching, hand-made curtain holdbacks from our complete range. Available with your choice of finial, or continue to browse Made by the Forge's complete range of wrought iron curtain poles.

Please note:

  • Passing brackets cannot be used with eyelet curtains
  • Most bays will need five brackets in total, two standard (end), two passing, and one centre bracket. If in doubt please phone and ask. 
  • All bays are supplied in 2 pieces as we cannot ship them in one piece due to the size

A template will be required from you to ensure that we create a perfect fit. Use thick paper and make sure it fits evenly where the pole is going to be mounted. Contact us if you need help.

Click here for template guide.

Handmade iron finials from Made by the Forge



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