The Button finial, 20mm iron curtain rail

  • Finials each
    Standard brackets each
    Centre bracket each
    Ceiling bracket each
    Curtain rings £1 each
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Our Wrought Iron Curtain Poles are handmade from solid 20mm iron bar. Price 22p per cm.

Looking just like a large handmade rivet, our Button finial will bring a simple traditional look to your room.

The Button has a 40mm round button forged into the ends. Look closely at the detail of the finial and you will see the hammer marks left by the forging process. A simple, practical yet elegant finial that will suit any window. Unlike many button finials available on the market, we forge ours so that the curtain rings cannot fall off the end of the pole.

Finishes available: matt black or natural beeswax.

Finial length = 5.5 cm. Curtain bracket sits the pole 6.5cm from the wall.
20mm Curtain Product Measurements PDF

Made by the Forge believe in affordable quality and simple elegant designs. We believe in products that will last a lifetime and we make all of our wrought iron products to do so.

Complete the decor with a set of matching, hand-made curtain holdbacks from our complete range. Available with your choice of finial.

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Made by the Forge will guarantee the fit of ordered ironwork providing that accurate measurements have been taken by you (the customer).

Kindly note that order times are between 14 and 21 days.

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Remember, not every window is suitable for a curtain pole mounted on the room facing surface of the wall. For tighter spaces, please visit our recess curtain pole section and find your perfect fit.


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