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Curved Curtain Pole for Doors

Handmade Portière Rods - Wrought Iron Door Curtain Pole

Hand made curved door curtain poles

Curved door curtain pole Door curtain pole - curved The Belvedere Restaurant Holland Park - London UK Door curtain pole bracket for curved pole - Matt Black Ceiling bracket for curved curtain pole - Matt Black  

Curved Curtain Pole for Doors

A curved pole makes a stunning alternative to a doorway and has the advantage of having no moving parts. The semi-circle is slightly bigger that the arc of the door and so you can come and go as you please, curtains drawn or undrawn and generally meet in the middle. They are very well suited to cafes and restaurants where unwelcome draughts can disturb diners sitting near the door. Curved curtain poles are also great in wider doorways with high ceilings and will add charm and elegance to this type of space. More »

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Prices start from £520

Ordering your curved door curtain pole

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1 - Measuring for your curved door curtain pole

curved curtain pole for door

2 - Measure width, depth and drop from ceiling

Step 1 - Measure width A to B where you want the pole to meet the wall.
Step 2 - Measure depth C to D at the mid point between A and B.
(Usually half A to B)
Step 3 - Measure the drop from the ceiling to the of the pole
(Total pole length) mm

3 - Choose your finish and curtain rings

Pole finish Ring quantity

All poles include two door pole wall brackets to fit at A and B

Beeswax = 100% natural, net-zero product, very environmentally friendly, durable, gun metal grey and highlights the metal's natural grain.
Matt Black = Black in colour, durable, less environmentally friendly (VOCs), very uniform. Read about it in full here - What is the difference between matt black and beeswax finishes?

4 - Pole price

Price for this door pole:


For delivery charges please see delivery page

Hi! The curved rail is great. All the curtains look great. Thank you.
Alisa, The Belvedere Restaurant Holland Park - London UK

Product description

Aesthetically, the curved pole is eye-catching and with the right curtain, it can be a real talking point. Few doors are totally immune to the elements and in winter, fierce winds can squeeze through the tiniest cracks. Whether you are looking to hang curtains over your door for aesthetic reasons, to keep out drafts Made by the Forge will have a solution for you.

Our special 'Dog Leg Return Brackets' are an industry special and add a massive structural strength to the door curtain pole compared to others on the market as it transfers the weight from the pole back to the wall.

The wall brackets are generally either fitted to the door frame each side or just outside this to keep it as tight to the opening as possible. A bracket in the middle is suspended from the ceiling to add to the support and we can make this to any length drop you require. The curtains are normally drawn to the middle.

Product specification

Material: Solid 20mm iron bar.

Finish: Choose from a matt black finish or a natural beeswax finish. Both finishes are traditional and will enhance the beauty of the wrought iron pole.

  • Door pole bracket each (2 included)
    Ceiling drop bracket from each
    Curtain rings each
    For delivery charges please see delivery page

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