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custom made iron recess curtain poles

Recess curtain poles

Recess bracket for 25mm pole Recess pole 25mm Recess curtain pole finishes, black and beeswax Recess curtain pole centre brackets, black and beeswax Recess curtain poles - beeswax finish Recess curtain poles - beeswax finish Recess curtain poles - black finish Recess curtain poles - black finish

Our wrought iron Curtain Poles are handmade from solid 20mm iron bar. Price per cm ( per metre)

  • Recess brackets each
    Standard brackets each
    Centre bracket each
    Ceiling bracket each
    Curtain rings each
    For delivery charges please see delivery page

Please measure the FULL width of the recess in centimetres where the curtain pole will be fitted as accurately as possible.
We will supply the correct length curtain pole and recess brackets based on your measurements.
Each recess curtain pole is supplied with two handmade recess brackets We advise that you have 1 ring per 10cm (minimum) of curtain pole. Do ensure you have an even number of rings for each curtain.
Curtain poles over 2 m will be supplied in 2 pieces, screwed together by a hidden central thread once delivered

measuring your windows for recess curtain poles

Please select your pole(s) and finish

Recess pole finish  
Recess brackets  
Curtain rings  

Recess measurements (in cm)

Window recess width

cm. Please be as exact as possible
e.g. 97.5 cm
      Quantity of this pole type
Price each:


Handmade Wrought Iron Recess Curtain Poles

An iron curtain pole that fits neatly in a window recess using handmade recess brackets.

Not every window is suitable for a curtain pole mounted on the surface of the wall, for deeply recessed windows we developed our recess metal curtain pole. A bespoke wrought iron curtain pole that fits neatly in a window recess, using handmade recess brackets.

Choose from a matt black finish or a natural beeswax finish. Both finishes are traditional and will enhance the beauty of the wrought iron pole.

The bracket has a tiny hole to pass a thread through to keep the curtain from sliding all the way across the pole when pulled or drawn.

Made by the Forge believe in exceptional quality and simple, yet elegant designs. We handcraft beautiful wrought iron products that will last a lifetime.

The Recess brackets are also available with the thicker, 25mm curtain pole range. Click here for details.

"Thank you for the speedy order and for delivering pieces well beyond our expectations. It is rare to see such handsome workmanship and I appreciate your attention to this order."
Rebecca Körner, Körner Interiors

How to install a recess pole

Putting up a recess curtain pole



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