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Wrought Iron Pan Rack Hooks

Ceiling hanging pan rack, oval, wrought iron

Hooks for Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Holly and Hazel racks

Hooks for Blackthorn and and Holly and Hazel Ceiling racks Hooks for Hawthorn, and Hooly and Hazel ceiling racks      

Wrought Iron Pan Rack Hooks

Our range of kitchen rails and racks have been designed to give maximum storage space with minimum fuss. The striking designs will add a touch of style and glamour to your kitchen whilst providing practical functionality.

All of our racks, rails and ceiling racks come with a number of wrought iron pan rack hooks (depending on size). However, if you have more pots, pans and utensils than that, you can add on as many extra hooks as you need.

All of our wrought iron hooks are hand forged and have been designed to slide easily along our range of racks and rails. Our hooks come in either a matt black coating or a natural beeswax finish, with the beeswax locally sourced near to our forge, in Suffolk.

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Prices start from £8

Ordering your pan rack extra brackets

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Pan hooks for Hawthorn pan rack


Pan hooks for Blackthorn pan rail



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