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How to measure for a 2 bend bay window

 You will need paper, some Post-It notes, a pencil, a metal measuring tape, a stepladder or two (optional depending on the size of the bay window) and a friend. We strongly advise you to measure with a friend as accuracy is hugely important. With the right friend, this may even be fun.

Never assume that what look like symmetrical areas will be symmetrical and therefore share identical measurements. They never, ever do.

Draw a spot, a line and the letter of the measuring position on separate Post-It notes.

Measure in millimetres for the highest accuracy and never take a reading from a bent tape measure. If a spot is hard to get at, start the measurement at the hard to get at area. Bending results in inaccurate measurements.

To make sure each measurement is accurate, place the Post-It notes at their respective points within the bay. We use Post-It notes because they stick but never mark what they are stuck to.

Measure to where you want the finials to end.

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