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Blackthorn pan rail

blackthorn pan rail Rail with thumper finial Wall mounted pan rail and iron hooks Blackthorn pan rail forge point finial Wall mounted pan rail and iron hooks Wall mounted pan rail and iron hooks

Kitchen Pan Racks - The Blackthorn Range from each

This striking but simple traditional designed wall mounted pan rack comes in three different sizes, and offers three different finials: the Thumper, the Cannonball and Forged Point. Every rack includes a number of hand forged hooks (as shown lower down the page)

The hand forged shepherd's crook bracket is simple yet attractive and you can order extra rail brackets here. This pan rail will give your kitchen area an individual look as well as help you to get all of your kitchen pans and pots out of the way. The pan hooks can slide along the rail so you can position them anywhere. (Additional hooks available separately.) With this product you will have a great looking tidy kitchen!

We have tested this rail in our own kitchen and loved it!

All our products are hand forged so we can build a kitchen pan rack to suit your space. Our fully bespoke service is simple and affordable so please contact us so we can help.

  • 90 cm (overall) with 7 hooks
    115 cm (overall) with 10 hooks
    Rail diameter 16mm
    Bracket projection 65mm
    Additional hooks may be ordered if needed
    Finished in quality matt black or natural beeswax.

As Seen on C4 The Fabulous Baker Brothers

Hooks: each

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