custom made 16mm iron curtain poles with steel ball finial - Alexandra

The Alexandra Finial

16mm curtain pole with the Alexandra Finial 16mm curtain pole, Alexandra finial 16mm curtain pole, Alexandra finial, beeswax finish Alexandra finial in black and beeswax Alexandra finials on 16mm curtain pole 16mm curtain pole closed loop bracket with round back plate Alexandra curtain holdbacks, beeswax and matt black finishes Alexandra holdbacks

Our 16mm curtain poles are made to measure from solid 16mm bar. Price per cm. per metre)

  • Finials each
    Closed loop bracket, round back plate, each
    Recess bracket, round back plate each
    Curtain ring each
    Passing ring each
    Holdback each, see holdback page
    For delivery charges please see delivery page

Choose from a matt black finish or a natural beeswax finish. Both finishes are traditional and will enhance the beauty of the wrought iron pole.

Finial length 4cm, finial diameter 3.5cm.

Alexandra holdback:
Stem length (Wall to start of finial): 12cm
Overall Length (Wall to end of finial): 16.5cm

16mm Curtain Product Measurements PDF

The curtain bracket sits the pole 6cm from the wall.

Measuring for your iron curtain poles

Ordering your curtain pole

1 - Measurements (in cm)

window frame width    
left draw back right draw back
Draw back as a guide is 10% of your window frame width (200cm window add on 20cm for each draw back)

All 16mm curtain poles over 180cm require a centre bracket and poles over 200cm will be supplied in 2 pieces, held together by a simple hidden central pin once delivered.

2 - Now choose your finials & finish

Each finial includes a short stem with a pin that slots into the curtain pole, finial lengths shown under finial type.
finial type finial amount
pole & finial finish total length (inc. finials)

As Beeswax is a natural wax it can sometimes rub off onto curtain fabric - especially very light coloured fabric. If you are concerned about this, please choose Matt Black finish instead.

3 - How many brackets & rings?

Poles over 2 metres in length will need a centre bracket and be supplied in 2 pieces.
(ceiling brackets also available)
We advise that you have 1 ring per 10cm (minimum) of curtain pole. Do ensure you have an even number of rings for each curtain.
Curtain Brackets sit the pole 6.0 cm from the wall.
ring quantity pole brackets passing rings recess brackets
To purchase brackets individually please visit our brackets page.

Quantity of this pole type Price for this pole: each


The Alexandra Finial - A Steel Ball Finial

Our Alexandra 16mm curtain poles feature a traditional collar and steel ball finial, consisting of a wrought iron collar followed by a solid steel ball. This creates a simple, yet popular aesthetic that will compliment a range of styles of décor, whilst also serving its primary function of preventing the curtain rings from slipping off of the end of the pole. Our blacksmiths have lovingly forged this finial with utmost attention to detail.

Each of our products come with a lifetime guarantee and will enhance any window space with a blend of the classic and contemporary, with quality assured to match.

We’ve decided to name each of our new range of 16mm finials after places that are all part of the Made by the Forge story and places where we have planted trees.

This collared cannonball is a variation on the classic Cannonball finial. The Alexandra Finial is named after the wonderful community park located in a built-up residential area in Ipswich.

Enhance your window space with a set of matching, hand-made curtain holdbacks from our complete range. They are available with your choice of finial.

Made by the Forge donated the trees and the project was managed by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Local residents volunteered to plant the trees, which will surely yield great pleasure for them in later years. Any natural spaces in residential areas are to be valued and maintained.

"Richard and the team at Made By The Forge are brilliant! From the first email to delivery and checking all is well, I cannot fault them. I love the fact that all items come with proper screws to ensure a proper and stylish fit, no scrabbling around in the workshop to find a suitable fixing.

These items are hand made, they look it, feel it and will exceed your every expectation, we love them!"
Derek & Nikki

Guaranteed fit* Free returns

Made by the Forge will guarantee the fit of ordered ironwork providing that accurate measurements have been taken by you (the customer).

Please contact us for expert help.

Circular economy

By choosing Made by the Forge products you are supporting the Circular Economy in which products are made, used, re-used, recycled and remade.

This is good for the planet and good for those of us living on it. Our ironwork is made to last a lifetime... and beyond!



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